Life Hack: How to Prioritize Your Tasks and Goals with a Busy Schedule

Prioritize your tasks in an office

Now that a new year has begun, you probably have lots of ideas of things that you want to accomplish before 2018 ends. However, accomplishing your goals can be a bit difficult when you have a busy schedule. Optimize your time and ensure your success this year by prioritizing! Check out these hacks and implement them into your routine. Just by taking time to prioritize, 2018 can be your best year yet!

Write it Down

Whether you enjoy writing things down with a pen and paper or if you prefer to make digital lists, keeping track of all that you want to accomplish is essential to your success. Even if you’ve got a great memory, having all of your tasks/goals in one place will give you a better view of all that you’ve got to do and will be greatly beneficial while planning a course of action.

Identify and Label Importance

Once you have created a list, categorize the items on the list by their importance. Consider the following:

  • What do you desire to accomplish first?
  • What is urgent? (Pro Tip: Everything can’t be urgent.)
  • What can be handled a little later?
  • Are there any items on your list than need to be taken care of before you can tackle another item?
  • How long will each goal take to achieve? Having a realistic timeline in mind will help you decide when to work on what.

Develop a Timeline for Completion

That leads us to the next point. Tackling your goals takes time. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself by setting unrealistic expectations, or discourage yourself by making goals that you can’t realistically achieve. Therefore, a timeline for completion is definitely necessary.

Think about how much effort each item on your list will require. Then, consider how much effort you can realistically put in on a day-to-day basis, based off of your current tasks and your lifestyle. This should help you to develop a timeline that makes your goals more attainable.

It’s going to feel so amazing checking each item off of your list!

Keep it Visible

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Out of sight, Out of mind”? Don’t let this happen to you. Once your list has been created, keep it visible by placing it in an area where you can see it frequently. Some good options are your refrigerator door, the wall in your bedroom, in the hallway, on your nightstand, or on your living room table. Be sure to keep the list completely uncovered. You don’t want it to get lost underneath other items, so keep this in mind when finding its home.


What are you waiting for? Start this year off the right way and prioritize your goals, today!

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