Paris Texas’ Spring Break Extravaganza

Spring Break Extravaganza Paris
Looking for something fun for your kids to do in Paris, Texas during your spring break? Well, the Spring Break Extravaganza is the perfect place for your kids to have a great time. There are different activates each day to make for a unique experience their whole spring break. Visit... [read more]

Do-Si-Do Your Way to These Square Dancing Events

Square Dance Events Paris Texas
Do-Si-Do, is a square dance move, where two dancers pass around each other back to back and return to their original positions. This is the type of dance you would see being enjoyed in the all around the country including in Paris, Texas. People have been performing this dance since... [read more]

The Best and Cheap Restaurants in Paris, Texas

Cheap Restaurants
The trick to eating out is sometimes finding a place that fits your budget. You may be looking for a date spot, somewhere to take the family, or somewhere just to go and not spend a ton of money. No matter what it is you’re looking for we’ve got you... [read more]

Psychology Behind Being a Cat Person vs a Dog Person

Psychology of Cat Person vs a Dog Person Paris Texas
Numerous studies and psychologists have sought to find convincing evidence to explain the difference between dog owners and cat owners. This is because, a cultural belief has always existed that the pet species an individual keeps, explains that person’s personality. Different pets need different attention, and due to this, their... [read more]