Don’t Miss Out on the Paris OKtoberfest Next Month

Original bavarian pretzels with beer stein at Oktoberfest

With the month coming to an end, it’s time to start preparing for next month activities. Luckily for you, you’re in the perfect area to plan for the Paris Oktoberfest! It’s the 2nd year for this exciting event, and it’s sure to be a treat. Trust us, this festival is something that you don’t want to miss.

Paris Oktoberfest

This year marks the 2nd annual Paris Oktoberfest, and it is sure to be an event to remember. Prepare for delicious food, live music, refreshing brews, and fun activities for the entire family to enjoy. Best of all, multiple charities are benefited from all of this fun. So, get your ticket (for only $8-$10) and head out to the Paris Oktoberfest at the start of next month!

Event Details

This event will take place at the historic Gibraltar Hotel Grounds on October 6-7, 2017. Its event schedule is as follows:

Friday, October 6

3 PM – Ozapft!

8 PM – 10 PM – Brave Combo

Saturday, October 7

1 PM – Brat Eating Contest

2 PM – 5 PM – Royal Klobasneks

6 PM – Masskrugstemmen

7 PM – 11 PM – Das Ist Lustig


This exciting festival activity is described as, “The Real Bavarian Strong Man and Woman Competition”. So, get ready for an experience that you won’t soon forget!

The word “Masskrugstemmen” means “The Old Beer Stein Holding Contest” – and this competition is one that only the strong can endure. The challenge is simple to explain. A large beer stein is filled with beer, and challengers must hold it out, parallel to the ground. Whomever is able to hold it up for the longest amount of time wins!

The rules are as follows:

– Contestants must be over 21 years of age.

– The beer stein is to be held with only one arm. The contestants arm must be stretched out in front of their body (not sideways), and must be completely parallel to the floor.

– The contestant’s thumb cannot be on top of the masskrug handle. The opposite arm must be placed straight down.

– The stein must be held by the handle.

– There is no switching of hands once the competition has started.

– If at any point the arm holding the beer stein is not absolutely parallel to the floor, the contestant will receive a warning. After two warnings, the contestant is automatically disqualified.

– Any spilling of “beer” is an automatic disqualification.

Do you have what it takes to take on this challenge? Sign up today by emailing Be sure to include “Masskrugstemmen” in the subject line.


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