Psychology Behind Being a Cat Person vs a Dog Person

Psychology of Cat Person vs a Dog Person Paris Texas

Numerous studies and psychologists have sought to find convincing evidence to explain the difference between dog owners and cat owners. This is because, a cultural belief has always existed that the pet species an individual keeps, explains that person’s personality. Different pets need different attention, and due to this, their owners find themselves acting in a certain way. In many areas, there exist two groups of people, dog lovers and cat lovers, which have brought about a significant rift as each team believes its better and superior to the other. The reason each group has different personalities can be based on the type of environment these pets live in.

Common Traits of Dog People

For instance, dog people, in their psychology, have been seen to be energetic, lively, outgoing and when given rules they tend to follow. This is entirely based on the fact that dogs love being taken out, like following rules and are playful. The more an individual stays with his/her pets, the more they start gaining certain traits from their pets. An individual who keeps a dog is a person who loves outgoing activities as dogs need to be taken out at times.

Psychology of Cat Person vs a Dog Person Paris Texas

Common Traits of Cat People

Cat people, on the other hand, are seen to be open minded, sensitive, introverted and non-conformist. Cats are known for loving to stay indoors, don’t follow the rules and most importantly as being sensitive to what is going on around them. These are traits cat owners have employed with staying with their pets. Cat owners are often very responsive to everything regardless of how small. Cat owners have also been seen to think strategically. This is based on the fact that they have to be strategic, creative and planning when it comes to changing their pet’s routine. It’s not an easy thing changing a cat’s routine, which requires a dose of strategy. This is a trait that cat owners have adopted in their lives not only for their pet purpose but also in their day to day activity.

Psychology of Cat Person vs a Dog Person Paris Texas

The funny thing about psychology though is that no two people or even two pets are exactly the same! You may be a cat person and a dog person, or you may love dogs because you love the companionship but are allergic to cats! These are just a few fun common traits that may explain why you love dogs or love cats! No matter what your pet preference is, we hope that everyone in Paris, Texas has the best four-legged friend for them!