Take a Walk Along the Tyler Azalea and Spring Flower Trail

Road with Live Oaks and Azaleas along a Spring Flower Trail

On March 20th, Spring will officially be here. Get a jump start on celebrating the warm weather with a visit to the Tyler Azalea and Spring Flower Trail! This attraction opens on March 16th, and a walk through the trail is the perfect activity for the family to enjoy this season. Learn more about it below.

Azalea and Spring Flower Trail History

If you live near Tyler, Texas, you have probably seen the beautiful sight that this trail offers each spring. However, a dive into its history reveals much more than what meets the eye.

Azalea and rose blooms have been a significant part of Tyler, Texas for decades. The beautiful flowers touched soil in this city just before 1930, and they continued to rapidly grow throughout the following years. This is all thanks to one resident who had a growing love for their beauty.

One of Tyler’s early nurserymen, Maurice Shamburger, introduced azaleas in the year 1929. He shipped these flowers to the city in boxcar loads from Georgia and planted them in his garden. Afterward, he spoke to Sara Butler of the Tyler Courier Time Telegraph about planting these flowers throughout the city. She approved, and even had some azaleas planted at her home! Thus, the first flowers along the Azalea Trail were born.

For years following, more and more homeowners planted azaleas in their yards. Due to all of the attention these flowers were receiving, the Chamber of Commerce decided to establish a marked route so that people could walk through and view them. The result of this marked route was the Azalea Trail, which officially came about in 1960. It initially featured about 60 homes on a 5-mile route. However, today, this trail has grown to feature 75 homes and stretches 8 miles long. This attraction brings about 100,000 visitors from all across the country to Tyler, TX each year.

Azalea and Spring Flower Trail Specifics

When can the trail be visited?

This year, the Azalea and Spring Flower Trail will officially be held from March 16, 2018 until April 1, 2018.

How many trails are there?

This attraction consists of two trails: The Lindsey Trail and the Dobbs Trail (also known as the Rusk Trail). The Lindsey Trial is the original attraction that came about in 1960. It was named after Lindsey Lane, which is where the route begins. After more homes were added, it was difficult to showcases each of these homes along the original route. Therefore, the Dobbs Trail, named after Dobbs Street, was added to limit confusion.

Where should visitors walk the trail?

If choosing to walk the Azalea and Spring Flowers Trail, the best area for walking is between West 4th Street and West Dobbs Street. This area has wider streets and plenty of sidewalks, offering added safety when travelling on foot.

Where should visitors park?

Visitors can park on any street other than South Broadway Avenue. The most popular parking areas are South College Avenue and Belmont Drive.


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