A Sneak Peak of the 2018 Dodge Durango SRT

2018 Dodge Durango SRT Paris

The word on the streets is that Dodge is in the process of revamping its vehicles with revitalized and new models. The Durango SRT is one of the vehicles being reenergized.


A sneak peek at the Durango SRT slated to roll off the assembly line for 2018 shows an SUV that is rather similar to the current model. A huge vent at the bottom of the front end is just beneath a three-holed air intake system that is located underneath the grille. What the extra vents are for is anybody’s guess at this stage of the game. Possibilities include a spot for fog lights, cooling purposes, or just for aerodynamics.


New Features

It is anticipated that this high-performance Durango will be completely redone on the outside. New features are reported to include more aerodynamic components, a more aggressive hood, sportier wheels, and rugged body panels.



What engine will power this SUV is still a secret. An Automotive News article recently speculated that Dodge will drop a 6.4-liter V8 engine into the Durango. This 475-horsepower engine currently powers the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT, so it is entirely feasible that Dodge will also utilize it in the Durango SRT.

Whatever Dodge does to recharge the Durango, we are certain that it will continue in excellence as Dodge has done ever since the beginning in 1900. To remain a leader in the SUV market is Dodge’s goal.


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