7 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in Paris, Texas in April

Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day is coming up this month, and there is a ton of ways that you can help celebrate. Keep your planet clean and help it sustain itself for years to come by doing these small things to help the planet. No matter where you are in the city there are plenty of ways to celebrate Earth Day this year.

  1. Avoid Plastics

Start avoiding plastics to help out the planet. Plastics don’t break down well and are bad for the environment and building up landfills. Buy products with fewer plastics and begin the process of helping the earth out.

  1. Plant a Garden

Plant your own garden and eat some of the goods that come out of it. These freshly grown products can allow you to eat fresh and new foods. Start the years off right with your own garden.

  1. Natural Spring Cleaning

Do your Spring-cleaning this year with natural cleaning supplies that will help keep the air clean. You can find these products at any store you just have to look closely.

  1. Green Groceries

Buy organic goods and foods and start living a healthier life. The natural foods from the planet can help you sustain and stay healthy. It doesn’t hurt to get some exercise in every day either.

  1. Go Outside

The best way to support the earth is to go outside and enjoy it! Get a group together and go run around in a field playing games and enjoying the sun. Earth Day is the perfect day to celebrate the planet that we live on.

Celebrate Earth Day

Get out and celebrate Earth Day this month and take part in helping sustain our beautiful planet. This month be sure to get your car running in top condition to help the planet as well when you come by James Hodge Dodge for all your vehicle needs and concerns. Our highly trained professionals can fix your car and have you back on the road in no time. Find out why we are trusted by so many when you come in today.