Get Your Act Together with Paris Community Theatre Adult Classes

Paris Community Theatre Adult Classes Paris Texas
Paris Community Theatre (PCT) is a live theater located in Texas. It was established in 1979 by a group of people in Paris who were interested in forming a community theatre. PCT generates an opportunity for the Paris community to participate and have experience in artistic by providing lessons. Adult Classes... [read more]

Spending the Day Exploring Paris, Texas

Paris Texas Eiffel Tower
Paris, Texas may never be confused with Paris, France, but it certainly has its own charm. With a population of just 25,171, and located 98 miles northeast of Dallas, Texas, this Texas town gives visitors many fun and interesting things to do from outdoor adventures to touring historic homes. It's... [read more]

The Invention of The Cowboy Hat

History of the Cowboy Hat Paris
It is hard to exactly say when the first hat was made. Most of the earliest cowboy-like hats are recognized for their extensive brims and high crowns and have been in existence from the 13th century when they were acknowledged to have been worn by Mongolian horsemen riders. Cowboy Hat Becomes... [read more]

2016 Dodge Durango vs. 2016 Explorer

2016 Durango Explorer Paris
Searching for a three-row SUV is harder than it has ever been, with most automakers offering at least one option in their lineup. Both the 2016 Dodge Durango and the 2016 Ford Explorer are popular options with great histories and plenty of excellent features. While either will make most Paris... [read more]

5 Features of the 2017 Dodge Journey You Will Love

2017 Dodge Journey Paris
Take a look at the 2017 Dodge Journey, and you will see a familiar and capable crossover SUV that offers three rows of seats. The 2017 Journey is incredibly similar to the previous model year since drivers and experts alike love what this SUV offers. Drivers clearly love the Journey... [read more]